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Dec 22 15 4:42 AM

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Guess I'm first here to voice my disappointment, many will follow so I figured I might try to do it right before this topic gets deleted. 

My name is Kapy and I have been waiting for my preorder since November 2013 (as many still are).
Recently I opted for a refund, but obviously the refund did not happen yet. 
I love the idea of a cheap mass produced printer, that is why I decided to preorder, your kickstarter was very successful so what could go wrong?

1. Dates keep getting moved back half a year every year for the last year-and-a-half.
2. No transparency on the current status, funds, spendings.
3. Phone and address details are being hidden and lied about.
4. Fake news articles keep popping up, stop sending reporters free printers, and start sending some to the people you promised them to.
5. Now even facebook criticism seems like it is getting deleted. 

This has every mark of a scam, it is just a matter of time before one of us files a class action suit.
You might get away with screwing over your kind kickstarter backers, but be aware that preorders have a lot more legal weight. 

Good luck pirates,
if you keep this bullshít up you'll need it.

(Edited for grammar)

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